Update 17 and the Dragon Bones DLC will bring new features available to everyone including the Outfit System, new Home Storage, an improved Level Up System, Combat Improvements and more. Those who are Plus Members will immediately gain access to the Dragon Bones DLC or it can be purchased separately from the Crown Shop.

We are thrilled to announce that the Dragon Bones DLC game pack and Update 17 are both live on PC/Mac. This new adventure and base-game update includes:

  • Two new dungeons: Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair
  • The Outfit System
  • Home Storage
  • A new Level-Up Experience
  • Combat improvements
  • Two new Battlegrounds: Deeping Drome and Mor Khazgur

This new DLC is available free-of-charge for all ESO Plus™ members or for purchase with crowns from the in-game Crown Store. The Update 17 base-game patch arrives free for all ESO players.

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