The next Ranked Battles season for World of Tanks comes with a host of changes to turn “the whole season into an action-packed chase”. The season will take place in a single stage that lasts for three weeks and has a 15-rank ladder for players to ascend.

To secure a place on the leaderboard, you need to earn at least 5 Rank Points, which means reaching Rank 5. Getting further isn’t as easy as it sounds. Just like it was before, you’ll receive one Rank Point the first time you climb one rank. Once you reach Rank 15, it’s time for your vehicles to do the work: every time your machine earns 5 chevrons, you get one extra point with 25 Bonds. And, starting from this season, you can check your position both in the game client and on our website.

Special accolades will be handed out to those who participate in Ranked Battles, and just what they are depends on how successful your performance is during the season. So be prepared to step in as both an individual and as a team player!

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