Mad World is a HTML5 based game that is being developed as a native cross-platform experience for any device with a browser capacity.

In a post-apocalyptic world infested with dark souls, a few brave men dare to dream of escaping from the grim reality.No one remembers the past. A mysterious event leads the world into complete annihilation. Thousand years pass. The world stands upon a new era. In this world of absolute chaos,hope and despair lay at the crossroad. People call this world the “Mad World”

Mad World’s unique and dark setting comes with an in-depth storyline. Enslaved humans’ struggle against Demons leads to dramatic and unexpected events, providing an engaging story-driven quests and many memorable experiences while actions and choices players make throughout their journey impact how their character evolves.

  • MMORPG Powered-by HTML5. No installations.
  • Truly multi-player experience thanks to the cross-platform feature
  • Hand-drawn 2D art-style
  • Target and move combat style
  • Classless weapon-based skills
  • Battles against grotesque monsters and giant creatures
  • A dark and grotesque setting

Jandisoft has announced that Mad World will be heading to Steam in Fall 2018.

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