Even though gaming and gambling don’t seem to have anything in common at a first glance, they actually do have a lot in common. The easiest way to see that is by looking at games that reward players with a random reward. Also, people who enjoy these types of games seem to also have an affinity for real gambling also.

Casino Games or Loot Boxes

Casino Games like Book of Ra, Lord of the Ocean, Blackjack, Roulette, etc. seem to be very similar to loot boxes in the sense that you have the potential to get a substantial reward for “gambling”. The key difference is that with chests/loot boxes, you always get something. You never lose anything. And I think that makes chests even more prone to addiction.

How It Works

Whenever you get a loot boxes, you get something and in order to keep you buying loot boxes, the system rewards you after a time with something more substantial, like a very rare card or skin. This way it’s always interesting and your brain rewards you for the anticipation of a substantial reward.

Don’t get me wrong, gambling is bad in general, but these loot boxes may be worse. It seeps into your habit and you won’t even notice it.

What To Do

Like in real gambling, you can follow a few rules in order to keep yourself from going over the board. First advice would be to never invest more money into a game than you can afford. You won’t ever get them out ever anyways. Unless you want to sell your account for some reason.

If you can’t restrain yourself, make an online card that you only use for these kind of things and deposit only the amount of money you want to spend. If you’re in a habit of buying loot boxes, this will put a break to your habit.

A last thing you can do in order to keep yourself from throwing money out the window is to buy loot boxes only if they can be bought and opened for free.


Loot boxes seem to become a bigger problem, so I hope that this article has made you aware of that. And as always, if you do decide to invest time and money in any type of gambling, play it safe. It’s not worth losing money for no reason.