After today’s update goes live, Fortnite players will have interesting new changes. For Battle Royale players, the new Chug Jug is coming on board where it allows players to restore full health and shields, though they’ll have to remain still for 15 seconds. As for PvE players, the Mutant Storms event will being and is packed with mini-bosses, new quests, seasonal currency to spend on special items and more.

Other notable things found in today’s battle royale update:

  • autorun added
  • setting to disable aim assist for consoles
  • progress will only be awarded when players leaves after they have died or won
  • decline friend requests added for PC
  • tons of bug fixes

Save the world includes:

  • more prevalent mutant storms
  • storm tickets drop more frequently
  • missions reward Seasonal Gold
  • Daily Quests reward Daily Coins
  • Hydraulic Weapons and Storm Zone Heroes are back
  • event store has been updated
  • mini-bosses remain, though mission alerts are reduced
  • mini-boss quests are back
  • autorun added
  • tons of bug fixes

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