After each completed match players have a chance to receive an in-game belonging. That’s what everybody knows for sure. The only way to grant them any value is to use the opportunities offered by the StarTrak technology – you need to make as many frags as possible so that counter would make the skins valuable.

However, this method is not the one you should really rely on if you want to earn some cash in this game. By the way, after the skin is acquired it is necessary to find a reliable platform to sell it. Well, there is an option to make sales in skin market online 24/7. The thing is this resource offers an opportunity to sell skins quickly and earn cash instantly (all the operations are performed automatically).

Many Ways to Earn Free Skins

There aren’t many options, but you shouldn’t be upset. On the Internet there are websites where you can get skins.

By the way, you need to make sure that you are able to differ the skins among each other as you cannot distinguish the skins on value and rarity.


If you like gambling you can find many casinos that accept CS:GO skins as the form of betting and you should find them to get rid off useless skins and get a chance to win the valuable one on the roulette or while playing poker or slot machines.


One more way to receive skins for free is to participate in giveaways. You only need to seek for them – and it is not hard – just enter corresponding query in Google and you will get a bunch websites offering giveaways with valuable prizes. Every day there are events that allow to win skins that cost hundreds of dollars.

Generous Streamers

Sometimes you can get skins just for stream watching – this is a popular way for streamers or event organizators to attract traffic and more attention. You can get many items just for free and all you have to do is to enter the page of stream which is usually conducted via the Twitch – the most popular gaming streaming platform.

Why Do I Fail to Get Good Skins?

The thing is that even if you buy the key for the case there is no full confidence in the result – you do not really know what kind of item is going to be offered – you only know the approximate skins  level – it is all about your luck, so if you have the bad one and you only get low-level skins it cannot really help.