Gloria Victis has been updated to bring Lordly Haven which is a huge fortress and is one of the largest areas that players can conquer. Lordly Haven sits between Midlanders and Azebs. According to the devs, “it is meant to help out the Open PvP balance. Conquerors will gain access to stores of high-tier resources that can be used to craft high end gear.

Another important addition meant to help out the Nation vs Nation vs Nation PVP balance are the looting zones. They have been introduced in order to prevent from total domination on a server which can happen when the best warriors of a given faction aren’t logged in and the enemies keep pushing forward. From now on the conquerable locations closest to the player’s nation capital city are covered with a non-looting zone – players can’t get looted in their nation’s non-looting zone but they can loot the other factions, so you can hold the ground there even when being heavily outnumbered without risk of losing equipment.

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