The first round of beta testing for Conqueror’s Blade is set to begin later this month. Players who are interested in participating can apply now since the pre-registration has started. The team has also revealed the first information on the “Big World” system that players will encounter in the game.

The “Big World” of Conqueror’s Blade is made up of the game world map and its cities and resources. The world provides players with the resources they will need at each stage to become stronger, such as training forces to build an army or producing equipment for it. Some resources are designed for cultivation and others for grazing, and players must occupy the cities or areas where the resource is produced in order to procure it, so gathering sufficient resources is the player’s first concern. The environment in Conqueror’s Blade operates quite similarly our own and will influence gameplay, with days and nights, weather systems and landforms that influence speed of travel. The designers carefully studied real-world maps and geography to ensure an accurate representation in the game.

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