The next Elder Scrolls Online DLC, “Dragon Bones” has recently been announced by the team.

Dragon Bones brings two new dungeons, Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair into the game. Enemies include “plague ridden ogres, powerful sorcerers with undead creations and the reanimated bones of an ancient dragon”. Players will score some great loot as well that includes monster sets, achievements and collectibles.

To top that off, Update 17 has also been introduced. The update will include a number of cool things:

  • The Outfit System: allows players to customize the look of their equipment, regardless of equipped gear
  • Two New Battlegrounds: the Orc Stronghold of Mor Khazgur and the Dwarven ruins of Deeping Drome bring 2 new arenas for 4v4v4 multiplayer mayhem (Battlegrounds PvP requiresESO: Morrowind)
  • Home Storage System: this highly anticipated feature provides players the opportunity to lock items away safely in their homes via the Homestead housing system
  • Additional Gameplay Features: new quality of life additions will help new and experienced players get the most out of ESO, including the new Level Up and Skills Advisors, guiding players to the best upgrades when they level up; and improvements to combat, making it easier to identify and activate ability synergies.

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