The Dark Age of Camelot team has announced “Endless Conquest”, a new account type that will offer the game for free through level 50. Endless Conquest is expected to make its debut in Fall 2018.

There will be some limitations to Endless Conquest including:

  • fewer character slots
  • limited zones for adventuring
  • reduced experience games
  • house ownership
  • item trade & storage

This, according to the letter, opens up new possibilities with regard to alternative ruleset servers:

And that finally leads us to the potential of an alternative ruleset server. As things stand now, there are two major obstacles preventing the launch of one in the near term (as in this next year). The first is that everyone seems to have a different view of what the perfect alternative server ruleset would include. We knew this going in, and feel confident we can deliver a ruleset that would be both highly engaging and appealing to a wide swath of former and new players alike.

That being said – as we have previously stated, we would never create an alternative ruleset server unless we were confident in the Ywain server’s population and health. This is the second and much more challenging obstacle. The Endless Conquest is going to be a huge step in overcoming it. Again – we are thrilled to finally announce and talk about our plans. 2018 is going to be an excellent year for Dark Age of Camelot!

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