A recent post on the game’s official forum reveals that the release date for WWO has been delayed.

Over the course of the last few months and reading all the feedback from our community members, we realized the game needed more to meet your expectations”. With that in mind, the release has been moved back to “late winter 2018.

In addition to the above, the team has decided to postpone the next update until January 2018.

While this is an exciting time, we regret to inform you that the next update will be postponed until January as we have all voted as a team that we do not want to risk potentially breaking the game over the Holidays when folks have time to play. It could be immensely damaging to try and release a patch and run into issues that we are unable to solve during the Holiday break.  Because of this, we hope you understand why we have chosen to delay this update and instead give you as much detail as possible about it via the Roadmap.

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