The Breath of Winter event in Albion Online will start off on January 10th. The event sets players with a new quest line with exclusive themed rewards and activities. Also, a new PvP battlefield will be part of the update as well as “a winterly version of the famous “Three Sisters” expedition”.

Here’s the full list of Breath of Winter happenings:

Good Deeds: Winter is the perfect opportunity to do something good. “Good Deeds” is a quest chain that leads the players all around the Royal Continent. In every royal city, they have opportunities to do good deeds and thus progress in their quest. As a reward, they can look forward to an exclusive winter mount – the Yule Ram.

Icy Battleground: The “Icy Battleground” is a new PvP battlefield that is only accessible during the Breath of Winter Event. It is a frost-covered battlefield following yellow unrestricted PvP rules and featuring regular chest spawns.

Ice and Fire: This new version of the famous “Three Sisters” expedition is only accessible during the Breath of Winter Event. With icy weather conditions and new opponents, adventurers are faced with even bigger challenges in this group expedition. Clever tactics and discipline are crucial requirements in order to succeed.

Tokens and Rewards: “Breath of Winter” comes with limited-time rewards that are only available during this event: Two vanity armor sets, new furniture items and more can be purchased from the respective vanity merchant in the major cities using snowballs, the event currency. Snowballs may not only be used for purchases, players can also throw them in other adventurers’ faces!

Time to go Home: This is a time-limited event that is accompanied by Yule Stag raffles. Uncle Frost wants to prepare his departure since winter is going to be over soon. But his wife, the Ice Queen, sees no reason for departure yet and wants to stay in her castle. Uncle Frost is now asking the players to help him persuade his wife to go with him and make way for spring. The players must enter the icy keep, avoid traps and artillery fire and avoid the Keepers loyal to the Ice Queen in order to take her to her husband.

Community Events: The Albion Online Community team will prepare additional community events for the Breath of Winter period.

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