Phoenix Labs has updated Dauntless with the new Sharpen Your Skills patch which brings the War Pike into the game. Also, the hunt progression system has been deployed along with “enhanced combat and damage types” and a new gear augmentation called “cells”.

  • The War Pike – Slayer arsenals have been expanded with the introduction of the War Pike, the fifth weapon class in Dauntless. A unique polearm with a powerful ranged attack, the War Pike rewards surgical strikes and tactical mastery. Each hit a player lands builds the War Pike’s power making it more deadly. Once charged, the War Pike can also unleash devastating damage at range using a powerful cannon built into the weapon.

  • Two New Behemoths – Skarn and Kharabak are the latest Behemoths to invade the Shattered Isles of Dauntless. Skarn, the living avalanche, is a lumbering, armored Behemoth that players will have to coordinate to break through his thick exterior. Kharabak is a quick, unpredictable and razor sharp Behemoth, challenging a player’s reaction and skill no matter where they are on the battlefield. These new vicious beasts will put a Slayer’s skills to the test and challenge groups to collaborate and plan ahead to reap maximum rewards.

  • New Hunting Progression System – Updates to matchmaking and progression mean more time hunting and less time waiting. Players will now travel to zones populated by random Behemoths which, when slain, will reward Wayfinder Marks. These marks can be used to embark on specific hunts, each zone will provide Slayers will valuable loot to create items and gear. Additionally, new daily and weekly hunts will give players more chances than ever to hunt, complete quests, and to reach goals to achieve big rewards.

  • Enhanced Combat and Weapon Damage Types – Each weapon now deals specialized damage types which will change the way Slayers interact with Behemoths and Behemoth parts. This new layer of strategy empowers Slayers to make the most out of their arsenal, creating opportunities for truly memorable moments of collaboration. The latest update will also include improvements to hit effects, weapon feel, and audio, ensuring that every attack feels great.

  • Cell System Equipment Augmentation – The new Cell System empowers Slayers to enhance and personalize the way that they hunt and do battle. Each weapon and piece of armor features “cell slots” that players can insert unique improvements and bonuses into. Cells offer a wide range of enhancements, including health and stamina boosts, elemental augmentations, improvements to teamplay mechanics like revives, and even high-skill cells which reward moments of skill like perfect dodges.

  • Frostfall Event – Beginning December 19, players can participate in the limited-time, Winter-themed “Frostfall” event for special challenging hunts and seasonal surprises. This update will also introduce new character creator enhancements including facepaint, beards and new hairstyles.

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