A big announcement at MineCon has revealed a new update, “The Update Aquatic”, coming to Minecraft! Update Aquatic will bring all sorts of fishy content into the game including dolphins, explorable shipwrecks, tons of fish, kelp and new water physics to name a few. The update is set to deploy in Spring 2018.

Also during MineCon:

  • some Marketplace content is being given away for free in celebration of the event including an Earth skin pack, an abstraction, and the purple party parrot palace
  • The Hive is a new server partner with the Death Run mini game — it will arrive later this year
  • the Super Duper Graphics pack will be launching in 2018 instead of by the end of this year
  • Switch fans will get the new version of Minecraft that will bring cross-platform multiplayer. However, it will not arrive until 2018

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