Marvel Heroes Omega: Refund Requests Piling Up

After the recent announcement about Marvel Heroes Omega closing, the number of players asking for refunds has been increasing. Kotaku has culled a number of sources where players are asking for refunds. Players who have invested a great deal of cash to purchase Heroes and skins over the months are disappointed that they are not getting responses from Gazillion about their refund requests.

According to the MHO Terms of Service, however, the game can be closed and all in-game content can be wiped without owing users anything.

7.1 The Gazillion System and Gazillion Games Are Provided “AS IS”, Disclaimer of Warranties

The System is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Gazillion reserves the exclusive right and may, at any time and without notice and liability to you, modify or discontinue the System or any portion thereof or delete the data that you provide, whether temporarily or permanently. Temporary interruptions in the availability of the System may occur from time to time as normal events. Under no circumstances will Gazillion be held liable for any damages resulting from such interruptions. The System may include technical inaccuracies, typographical errors or may enable you to access or download harmful or malicious code introduced onto the Internet by third parties. The System is made available internationally and may contain references to products, programs and services of Gazillion and/or its suppliers that are not available in your location. Such references do not imply that Gazillion or its suppliers intend to make available such products, programs or services in your location.

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