Wild West Online has moved into Early Access today! Players can explore a “large game map” that is packed with a number of environments and tons of NPCs, take part in server-wide public PvP events, take on quests from NPCs and work to mine gold! As characters progress, they will unlock new abilities and be able to access new, better gear. In time, players will be able to take part in public events including Artifact Hunt and Golden Road.

General Updates

  • The playable area of the map has been vastly expanded to the West (no pun intended).  Venture on over to the river area and woodlands!
  • Audio fixes for many things that previously had audio issues
  • Optimization fixes and general fixes to gameplay fluidity
  • Balance updates and tweaks to several items
  • Unique weapon sound updates
  • Lighting and environment updates
  • General world updates
  • Inventory updates
  • Group functionality updates and improvements
  • Friends List functionality updates and improvements
  • Detailed map updates that unlock and give information about the area you are in on the fly as you explore

For more information, please click here.