The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds test realm has been updated with Patch 1.0. This patch brings the vaulting and climbing mechanics as well as improved vehicle physics into the game. Other notable features of 1.0 include:

  • ballistics overhaul to provide improved balance of the weapons
  • client optimization
  • server optimization
  • vehicle driving improvements
  • UI improvements
The post also provides a renewed commitment to the hunt for cheaters:

With our recent efforts to strengthen the measures, the volume of players who use cheats has been reduced by 25% overall, and the volume of malicious, extreme cheaters has been reduced by 50%.

However, we know that this is not enough, which is why we are approaching this in multiple ways – monitoring 24 hours a day, strengthening security systems and applying additional anti-cheat solutions. Regarding other measures that our players have suggested, we are looking into a few that may be quite effective.

The battle against cheats may be endless. But we will do our best to create a healthier, better environment for everyone and take strong actions against distributors and sellers of cheats as well as those who use them.

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