During the recent live World of Warcraft Q&A, it has been revealed that those playing Legion will be able to take part in the Antorus raid starting the week of November 28th.  Also, players will be able to choose to have male Orcs stand upright or to remain “hunched” as they have since WoW’s birth.

Other takeaways from the Q&A include:

  • stat squish is coming to player stats and gear iLevel
  • raid buffs are returning to make it a smart choice to bring a wide array of classes/specs
  • taking away all customization in PvP was “a bit much and we’re looking now at using level scaling tech to apply to PvP stuff”.
  • Titanforging is going to remain, though with some alterations
  • no updates to character creation, though they’re looking at it now that they’ve implemented “Allied Races”
  • starting zones near Undercity (Forsaken) and Darnassus (Night Elf) will remain the same until hitting max level when it all changes to reflect BfA.
  • flying will be “about the same as Legion”
  • Ulduar timewalking is coming
  • the Legendary system is not continuing in BfA
  • Exodar and Silvermoon are the “last bastion” cities on each continent for the opposite faction
  • 6 more character slots per server
  • using the Authenticator will increase bag size “slightly”