DC Universe Online has been updated with the new Artifact System! Artifacts are a gear piece that is placed into a new gear slot. They can then rank up and be upgraded over time with the ultimate goal of unlocking powerful bonuses. “Artifacts require a long term investment and grow with your character” and many of them will provide players with Passive or Active abilities in addition to stats.

Players will receive their first Artifact in a special Level 20 scenario from John Constantine. Others will become available for purchase from him with Marks of Victory from Watchtower or Hall of Doom.


With this update, we’re laying the foundation. Artifacts will continue to expand in the future. Over time we will add new Artifacts, unlock new Artifact equipment slots, and increase the Rank caps with new Rank and Milestone bonuses to make your characters even more powerful!

With new Artifacts, we may see new character builds, new group strategies, and new play styles emerge.

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