Elder Scrolls Online: Final Clockwork City Patch Notes

The final patch notes for both the DLC and for the general game improvements has been shared on the the game’s official forums. The update will be deployed for PC on October 23rd and for consoles on November 7th.

All players, regardless of whether or not Clockwork City is purchased, will gain access to the Transmutation System that allows gear to have traits exchanged. and those who own the Morrowind expansion will also have a new Battleground game called Crazy King to try out.

Also, the Clockwork City DLC (part of ESO Plus or for 4000 Crowns in the Crown Shop) brings a host of new content to ESO including new quests, two new world bosses, two new delves, a dozen new item sets, two new Motifs, 200 new furnishings and collectibles alongside the 12-player Trial: Asylum Sanctorium.

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