Adventures, the “massive free content expansion for PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4” has been said to be deployed on November 14th.  The content expansion will bring features such as:

  • Clubs will be able to level up by participating in the new Adventure system. The more levels unlocked, the more structures, aka fixtures, open up, each with stats, boosts and bonuses. There will be 18 fixtures at launch.
  • All players can access Club Adventure Portals where admins can spawn NPCs to give out new adventures for everyone.
  • Forbidden Spires biome is being added that is an Eastern-themed location and that replaces Uber-6 prime world. It comes complete with its own dungeons, decor recipes, mining resource, feathers and more.
  • Mastery & Leaderboards – Mastery will be uncapped, with top players expected to surpass the 500 mark. Adjustments are being made to the Leaderboards accordingly
Other notable inclusions are:
  • New Tutorial – Learn how to play Trove in style with this new walkthrough!
  • Adventure Window – An awesome way to track adventures, events, challenges, dungeons, tome progress, and your daily cubit bar.
  • LED Blocks – A new vibrant block type that can be set to various blinking cycles. Mostly, you use it to make some really cool signs. I mean, I make cool signs with them.
  • Frameworks – Pre-constructed block arrangements that can be placed down all at once in your club world. BAM! A wild castle appeared.
  • Plasma Fishing – It’s finally here! Fish in plasma to your heart’s content.
  • Forged Stellar Souls – Stellar items can now be loot collected, resulting in Forged Stellar Souls instead of Forged Radiant Souls.
  • Radiant and Stellar Rings – 250 skill Ringcrafters can use Radiant, and Stellar Souls to create these great new rings! If you like it, then you shoulda put…I’ll show myself out.

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