A recent post on the official website reveals details about the Regional Kingdom launch servers. As a result, recruitment for regional kingdoms is starting now and each Regional server has a number of Kingdoms identified that have recruitment threads on the official forums as well as dedicated Discord channels.

Kingdoms within a region have specific goals or certain tribes that will be prominently featured.

Regional server names & kingdoms:

  • NA West Server: Angelica
    • Aranor, Ashland, Blackheart, Riftwood, Tyria and Valyria
  • NA East Server: Luna
    • Bordweall, Fortuna, Kairos, Vornair
  • EU Server: Selene
    • Al’Khezam, Arkadia, Demalion, Nirath, Tryggr
  • Oceania Server: Oceanus
    • Aequitas, Lor Voskara, Sokara, Tylsia

What does this mean for you? Nobility structures can be built with assurance about what server they will coexist on. If you are playing the Dance of Dynasties, the politics and subterfuge can now be server-specific. Organizations and land owners can begin to negotiate where they want to plant their flag. There are big repercussions, too. Every player is effected by the kingdoms on any given server, even if you don’t know the tribes in the kingdoms at the moment. Stakes are in the ground and the game is in motion!

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