Blade & Soul will have it’s latest update released on the 18th of October. The update, Rage of the Hive Queen, will include the Temple of Eluvium where players will face off against Zulia herself as the Queen of the Hive. Also the Aransu School will be part of the update which is a newly corrupted location where players will need to take on the guardians and the Vileblood Thrall.

From October 18th to November 8th, players will be treated to a holiday extravaganza called Blade & Ghoul 2017 that will feature the Merchant of Wonders.

Complete  the Daily Challenge to earn additional rewards via the Ghoulish Gift Box while the eerie event is taking place on the Earthen Realm. In addition, creepy candy consumables that provide a powerful effect for 10 minutes within Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium, and Scion’s Keep will be available through the Ghoulish Gift Box as well as from the Merchant of Wonders’ wares.  As an added bonus, completing the Raven’s Cry and Chasing Zulia weekly raid quests will earn you increased rewards as well as a chance at cosmetics from each raid!

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