The Project Genom team have revealed how crafting blueprints will be found, how materials will be collected and how creating items will happen via Terminals within most hubs. Many of the current features that are ready for testing are as a result of player input and the team is looking forward to further feedback throughout testing.

Making the crafting process interesting and the result diverse was our primary goal. We changed many features of the crafting system being influenced by your discussions on our forums, and we’d be very glad to hear your thoughts on these new features once again. What would you like to see in this system? What should we improve? What aspects, in your opinion, can cause problems? We’re waiting for your feedback.

We’d also like to point out that our team has created this material to help all the players get acquainted with the general concept of crafting. Some specific features or conditions, as well as the numerical parameters indicated in this material may change by the time the craft system is introduced or during its testing.

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