A recent announcement on the official site revealed that a second round of “legacy” transfers will be coming in mid- to late-September. Players who have an account in The Secret World can transfer their character’s clothing, sprints, pets and emotes directly into Secret World Legends. This round of transfers comes with a caveat, however. Only those who have used the service before, meaning get yourself busy before September 4th in order to get more later in the month.

In summary, this service allows you to copy most of your clothing, pets, sprint styles, and emotes over from the TSW account you have linked to SWL.  All clothing, pets, sprint styles, and emotes must be physically learned or claimed on your character in order to be able to be copied.  Basically, you have to be able to wear the item, use the sprint or emote, or summon the pet in order for it to be copied.  Any unopened cosmetic items sitting in your inventory are not counted.

The copy occurs at the time you push the button to begin the process.  This means that you can go back to TSW and grab anything you may have missed before transferring the first time around!

For more information, please click here.