Over the course of the next quarter months, several big updates are planned for Kritika Online, set to begin on August 30th. The content update will include Arena and PvP modes and The Shattered Table, a 2-player end game instance. In addition, a new “mix up” mode will be included that randomizes previous encounters that become progressively more difficult and yield coins to trade in for end game loot, increases Ability Points and unlocks bonuses account-wide.

The game will move from open beta to final launch in September and will debut on Steam. The story will also be expanded with new missions taking place in the “high-level zone of Xanadu”. The Psion is coming in October, a hybrid class utilizing “swordsmanship with a series of psionic blades to overwhelm her opponents”. There will also be a Halloween event and the release of the overhauled Pet System.

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