Lord of the Rings Online players have been informed with a sad news that the launch of the Mordor expansion will not happen on Monday, July 31st as originally planned. This is due to an issue with the build that made monsters and NPCs move incorrectly. It is anticipated that the expansion will be delivered on or before August 31st.

We are as excited as many of you to get into Mordor, but we have some unfortunate news: we have to adjust the release date. While preparing over the weekend to release the expansion on Monday, we discovered an issue in the build that impacted the ability of monsters and NPCs to move around correctly. This problem was specifically identified in older content.

While correcting this issue is not a problem, the process to correct it takes too long to be able to release Mordor on Monday. So, we have to adjust the release date. We will have more info on the release date soon. We will know a lot more in the next 24 hours or so, and will pass along the info as soon as we can.

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