Gloria Victis: Latest Patch

Gloria Victis has been deployed with a new patch which brings a whole lot of new content to the game, including the Azeb playable faction. Players can enjoy new locations to explore and over seventy new items to loot and craft. In addition, the crafting system was given a pass and the next Glory ranking season has begun.

The update brings some love for crafters as well! We have added a possibility to disassemble items and recover some crafting materials. We have introduced this feature to let players re-use the lower quality items and loot from NPCs to gain additional crafting materials and another way to gain experience in given crafting profession. There is also a critical – depending on the profession’s level –  chance to learn the recipe of an item a player is disassembling. It gives you an additional possibility to catch ‘em all! Not to mention that we have significantly reduced the fuel usage in crafting as well in response to the Community requests.

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