Final Fantasy XV’s new multiplayer expansion, ‘Comrades’ is set to be released soon. Season Pass holders and PS Plus / XBox Live Gold members will be able to take part in the “exclusive preview” starting August 3rd and ending August 8th.┬áDuring the event, players will take part in a number of activities including:

  • creating and controlling up to 8 characters
  • create and customize avatars
  • play through the introductory tutorial
  • try out a number of weapons with different attack patterns
  • equip and use Royal Sigils to “invoke the powers of sovereigns for your avatar”
  • play through three available quests with three “legs” each. Matchmaking will be in place
  • each player finds and returns a cooking ingredient that, when combined by the Base cook, creates a meal.
  • earn meteorshards during questing, though these cannot be used during testing
  • check out chat and voice chat

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