The latest maintenance update will bring a number of shiny new PvP features and game modes to Black Desert Online. In the Arena of Arsha, guild masters can set up private tournaments with several options for players.

Guild masters and officers can reserve an arena as operator on supported servers. Once an arena has been allocated, the host is able to forge the conditions, kick players, and invite spectators. Masters of extra large guilds (76-100 people) can invite anyone, whilst leaders of smaller guilds can invite their guild members only. Furthermore, the operator can set time and score options as they see fit. Players in the same group will also be able to use voice chat features to better communicate during battles.

PvP modes include:

  • Team  Match – the number of rounds is determined by the organizer with 20 secods between rounds. After death, players cannot rejoin until the next round begins. The team winning the specified number of rounds or with the most remaining HP if time runs out, is declared the winner.
  • Survival Mode – taking part over a single round, the organizer determines how the winner, or winners, are determined.
  • Spectator Mode
  • Voice chat support and making the Black Spirit rage visible to other players.

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