The new expansion update for Grim Dawn is said to bring a ton of interesting contents for players to be excited about! To make this even more exciting, play testing for the new content expansion has officially begun. Those who have been chosen to check out the expansion content, will be experiencing 50% of what will be included. However, the expansion is yet to be named, but the team is closing in on finishing production.

In addition, the post shows off a few of the Monstrous Infrequents that will be coming with the expansion as well.

A few things had changed with Monster Infrequents compared to the base game. First, new Monster Infrequents no longer have a “common” version. Instead, they have a lower overall chance of dropping a Monster Infrequent, but whenever one drops, it is always the “rare” variety. Secondly, almost every Monster Infrequent will have two variants. This way not only is there more awesome loot to hunt for, but we can cover more playstyles. Lastly, almost every monster introduced in the expansion will have some kind of Monster Infrequent, even many of the bosses. In total, we are introducing 63 new Monster Infrequents!

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