Ragnarok RE:START has launched for those looking for a nostalgic experience! The game is available through Warpportal or Steam. Players are encouraged to join the progression server to watch worlds unfold from an era over a decade ago, eventually reaching the Ragnarok Online of today. It’s not all “yesterday’s game” either. There are “a full suite of convenience features” including achievements, RODEX, simpler party and friend communication and more.

Experience the classic MMORPG Ragnarok Online, as it evolves and return to Rune Midgard to party with friends to explore the world with a new start. Start off in the training grounds that have seen millions of novices launch their life time of adventure. Take pets out for a walk through lush forests to creepy ruins or even to the bottom of the ocean!  Hunt the deadliest of creatures for fun and profit! Quest and learn the lore and history of Midgard! All while collecting a multitude of cute hats and powerful equipment to achieve that perfect look, and customize your gear and stats for your personal playstyle. Join the player driven economy where those with good business sense can increase their zeny stockpile selling and purchasing those rare items from other adventurers.

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