The preseason for ranked play starts today and will run for approximately four weeks. Competitive Season One will start on August 16th. During competitive play, nodes will be “twice as powerful and completely change the game’s already strategic action”. Players taking part in preseason play will score some rewards including Rare Style Tokens that allow the purchase of certain skins. Also, depending on rank achieved in the Grand Master Rank tier, players will score X-Coin, the premium currency for the game.

Your wins and losses are calculated as a part of your Tier Score (explained further down). This score is used by the game to determine your teammates and opponents, and provide as fair of a fight as possible (50/50 win/loss being ideal) based on everyone’s relative skill level. Winning against higher skilled opponents will cause you to rise faster, and losing against higher skilled opponents will cause you to fall slower. As you rise and fall you’ll be placed into player subdivisions called Tiers.

MXM will also be getting its first post-launch Master in the form of Yuri, a female martial artist; more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Yuri is an Ardent-attuned, melee-based juggernaut from Earth’s third settlement on Amaari. A talented martial artist, she was groomed by veteran Masters to be combat effective in the fight to rescue Earth from Atlas and the Synd. She developed the Cosmic Fist martial arts style, which harnesses Sol energy to overpower her opponents with devastating attacks.

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