Cloud Pirates’s Burning Tide patch brings a number of new features and improvements to the game. Players will have a new map to sail through the Cursed Treasure Canyon and a new game mode called Moving Control Point Capture. Also, first mates have been added to assist new players during early stages of the game.

A new Collector’s Treasure Map has been added. It can reward you with new portrait frames, flags, sails, stickers, and Doubloons, as well as the new hull color pattern “Hell Fire” which changes the ship hull’s texture.
The amount of Doubloons has been increased for all maps. Now you can win 60, 90, or even 150 Doubloons (as opposed to 30-60-100)!

Players will also find these improvements and features in Burning Tide:

  • Animated portraits
  • Reworked ship crews
  • Payload Plunder improvements
  • Reduced Tier 4 ship prices; repair costs reduced
  • AI bots no longer reduce battle rewards
  • Lost Crew Treasure Maps

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