The new expansion, Plains of Eidolon will feature a new element called “Landscapes”. Landscapes will give players open zones to explore “on their own terms”. Outdoor locations, towns, inhabitants with new quests are all featured components of landscapes. Nightfall will also provide new challenges as the Spectral Sentients emerge to bring a new layer of danger to the inhabitants of the region.

  • Plains of the Eidolon offers a sense of discovery, variety, and mystery that mixes several different environments and tones to create a deep sense of place. You will experience a bristling new world in which you’ll feel the wind rustling across your syandana and the age and size of giant Sentient structures ominously looming in the background, you’ll see and hear wildlife flying above and scurrying for food, and you’ll experience a diurnal/nocturnal system with rising and setting sun, a weather system, and more. The world will be more alive than ever before.
  • You also will see:
    • Kids imitating their Tenno heroes playing the background
    • The gory, makeshift, scavenger culture of the Ostrons
    • Haunted and mysterious night-time with Spectral Sentients amidst the Sentient Ruins

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