Patch v2.0.1 will bring changes to “new players, monetization, loot rewards and the Patron system”. Patrons will be getting a nice bump with double AP and SP from earned experience, though there are a few limitations. There will also be special events or compensation rewards and the Marks of Favor are being increased by 20% for Challenges. Also, Anima Leap and Teleport for free.

Story dungeons will drop crates with a better-than-average chance to drop items including Extraordinary talismans. Elite Dungeon crates will contain both normal loot and a Distillate. Rare crates will see an increased spawn rate and will have both an Extraordinary item and a Distillate. And look for XP rewards as well, including a “first dungeon of the day” system. More changes:

  • larger inventory (up 10 slots)
  • Sprint 2 and weapon unlock prices are being reduced
  • Active and Passive pages for weapons will have a combined price. Unlock both at the same time for one price.

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