Funcom have been busy updating the engine for Conan Exiles from Unreal 4.12 to 4.15 – and announced recently that this process is proving more time consuming than initially thought and as such, the climbing patch announced earlier this month is now postponed:

”Moving to an updated engine also represents a challenge. Conan Exiles is an unfinished game currently released under the Early Access banner, meaning there are always bugs and glitches in need of fixing as we add new features and content. On top of the already existing bugs there are new bugs being introduced with the move from 4.12 to 4.15 that also need fixing before we can push out a new update.”

The next update is set to introduce climbing to the game and will not be released until Unreal version 4.15 is ready to be rolled out – Funcom announced –  a worthwhile wait since the engine update brings many ‘beneficial’ new features both for the players and the developers, such as client/server optimization and ‘blueprint nativization’:

”This most recent version of the Unreal Engine allows to take advantage of some new features that will help us during the development process of Conan Exiles, for example optimization of both server and client, which should result in a smoother experience for all players. An example of one of these features is blueprint nativization. Blueprints are slow (very, very slow), and porting them to C++ is time consuming and makes things difficult to modify for modders. Nativization should offer us some of the gains of rewriting things in C++ for certain blueprints as part of the build process, while still allowing modders the full flexibility to make changes to our game.”

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