Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that the Midsummer Fire Festival event is back this year – the event started June, 21 and will end July, 5 – ”bringing new bonfires and achievements, a downright irresponsible toy, and an elemental pet that will keep you warm on those long, dark nights of your campaign against the Burning Legion” – and featuring four new events:

Wrath of the Frost Lord – players over level 60 can battle the newly souped-up Frost Lord Ahune

Feel the Burn – for 500 Burning Blossoms you can purchase ‘a Set of Matches’ from Fire Festival vendors: ‘a new toy for you to misbehave with’ and Blizzard highly recommend you additionally purchase a Kevlar jacket

An Elemental Friend – a new pet is available: Igneous Flameling – which features an array of fire-related skills

Praise the Fire! – bonfires have been lit across Draenor and the Broken Isles bringing new PvP challenges and achievements as ‘capital city bonfires become battlefields for faction pride’

For more information visit the site here.