In a bid to refresh the online presence of Eve Online so as to provide a ‘more modern, stable and versatile system that we can build on for years to come’ – CCP announced yesterday the overhaul of Eve Online’s forums: ”we’re happy to announce that after a long and gruelling process of deciding on new emojis, liberal testing, and many, many forum posts, we can now unveil the new EVE Online forums”.

The new forums introduction also greatly reduces the website infrastructure load and provides a reliable communication avenue since server outages will no longer prevent forum access. The new forums will also be less restrictive – CCP announced – as a complete review of forum rules was made and the forum rules have been condensed from a total of 39 to 9 in order to promote ‘healthy and candid discussion’: ”we’re looking to shift the role of our volunteer moderators from acting more as enforcers of the rules to being ambassadors to the community who can assist with responses to questions and issues, as well as providing a channel for feedback to CCP on common problems”.

CCP also announced that banned users will get a second chance since the moderation approach has been reexamined:

We’ve also initiated a complete amnesty on all forum bans, which means that everyone starts with a clean slate and can rejoin the conversation on the new forums. Our moderation policy and our internal guidelines for warning and suspending those who do break the rules have also been refined to promote intervention and contact with those who’re treading the line, rather than taking immediate punitive action.”

The new forums also have added functionality – such as polling functionalities and ability to embed images, gifs, and videos into forum posts and the new forums are right now live:

By the end of this week, CCP will fully transition to utilizing the new forums for all our official communications including balance threads, test server feedback, and all other manner of information. We are of course aware that there are a lot of existing discussion ongoing on the existing forums, and as such we’ll be keeping them open for a month, until July 20th, so that the community can make a solid transition over to the new forums too.

For more information visit the site here.