Nexon America has revealed its plans to deploy new updates to MapleStory. The first, Override: Evolve, will launch in June and the second, Override: Venture is expected to launch in July. These new updates gives players new ways to progress and strengthen their characters with new job skills, new locations and even a new planet to explore.

Override Evolve features:

  • Every class will get new 5th Job Advancement Skills
  • Legion System – characters become Legion Members and can enter the Synergy Grid for special bonuses based on Legion Rank.
  • Improved Omega Sector – new maps, new monsters and a new boss

Override: Venture features:

  • Eluna Event – travel to a new planet to gain experience by mining minerals through killing monsters, finishing missions, solving puzzle traps and more
  • the Arcana “epic area” – finish quests to receive the Arcane symbol called “Arcana”

For more information, check out their website over here.