A new ‘Adventure’ has been deployed to the game today with the release of The Trials of King Heracles. It is considered a “cooperative RPG” feature within SMITE and allows groups of three to venture through the dungeon in a whole new way to play. Players of any level can take part by starting in a hub. Finishing the quest rewards teams with items that can be equipped as well as buffs and special items purchased from vendors in the hub. Purchases are made using gold obtained in the dungeon.

Within the dungeon players will face bosses that test their ability to coordinate attacks and support each other as the fight progresses. Teamwork will be essential to victory, and players will be able to experiment with over 70 gods to create the most effective team composition. Once players have unlocked the more advanced hard mode they will be able to face the Lernaean Hydra in the final boss encounter for the ultimate loot and in-game rewards.

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