CCP Games recently announced that color blindness support will be added to Eve Online: ”around 8% of men are color blind, so some quick napkin math would mean around 7.999% of EVE players are color blind, which is a considerable chunk”. A beta version of the Color Blind Mode is set to go live on Tranquility in a June release however the Mode can be tested on the test server Singularity for the time being and players may also complete a survey to provide the much needed feedback –  the new Color Blind Mode can be found in the game’s general settings menu.

Since there are various forms of color blindness – after comprehensive testing the approach used by the developers for the Color Blind Mode resulted in ‘two preset modes and one custom mode that allows you to toggle any of the 6 main hues to be included in a resulting color palette’:

”Some games that offer color blind modes simply replace all color on the screen using the selected color blind hue mapping, but as it seems people don’t really care too much for that approach since it makes the game world look weird for no good reason as it’s only color used for indication of state that causes problems. Instead, we only apply the color-blind hue mapping to UI highlight colors, meaning that it’s mostly icons and text that get affected and not background color, the 3d scene, or graphical images like items. There are a couple UI areas where color blind mode does not work for the time being (most noticeably the scanning 3d scene), but it is our hope we’ll get all those areas covered in the future.”

For more information visit the site here.