Beginning June 1st, DC Universe Online players can take part in the Age of Justice where they will travel back to the 1940s during World War 2 and join up with Wonder Woman, the Justice Society and the Blackhawks. According to the teaser on the DC Universe Online site, new enemies, allies, locations rewards and much more will be available in the game . Players can look forward to a more open world experience and take part in new instanced content. Be sure to check out the live stream event on Friday, May 19th at 3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern.

Here’s what the DCUO team had to say:

  • two new open world battlefields: Time Torn Area 51 and War Torn Village
  • Saving Justice 4-player Alert
  • Ultimate Soldier 8-player Raid / Elite Raid
  • War Crimes 4-player Operation
  • Justice for All 8-player Raid / Elite Raid
  • reward gear sets are inspired by the Blackhawks and suitable for the era in time
  • WW2 themed items for bases
  • feats & titles

If you do not have access to the episode with membership or with a direct purchase, or if your character is not higher than the minimum Combat Rating of 186, your rewards in the preview are limited. You will still be able to earn War Bonds (the episode’s vendor currency), but the vendor and drops will only offer you some collection items, some base items, and a generic set of Paramilitary Gear (using an existing style) that will automatically attune to you up to a maximum item level of 164.

You can read more about Age of Justice on the DC Universe Online site.