ArtCraft Entertainment released some interesting updates this week for it’s flagship in-development title Crowfall – after a week of teasers and hints, the ‘massive reveal’ day showcased three major overhauls in the game along with a comprehensive Q&A. A ”MAJOR” overhaul of the lighting and graphics which enables a ”ton of great new atmospheric effects like snow, rain, day/night cycle and fog” was showcased with a video:


Among other changes announced – and thanks to crowd-funding efforts, Crowfall’s ‘archetype system’ is being replaced with ‘Races & Classes’ so races and classes will now be separate and a chart which shows the Race/Class combinations which will be available at launch was also released on Crowfall’s website:

The third overhaul announced concerns the Disciplines system – and the  ‘100+ Disciplines’ were announced for the next playtest as screenshots of the Major, Minor and Weapon Disciplines were released, along with the planned powers and passives for each and a ‘remember we are still in pre-Alpha so things may change between now and launch’ caveat.

For more information visit the site here.