Recently there was a leaked image of a guy wearing a cowboy hat which many fans hoped that it was a teaser for Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it was later revealed that it was actually an image from a MMO game, Wild West Online, an open world PvP extravaganza being built for PC. Word is out that developers of WWO plan to reveal much more about the game in about two weeks when they will bring their project to a $250k KickStarter.

The core of the game is already underway at 612 Games with the KickStarter funds being used to “secure extra funding” for more expansive features.

What will be implemented in the game:

  • player gangs will either break or defend the law
  • seamless open world using server shards for “a few hundred” players each
  • the comparison to Red Dead Redemption is intentional
  • players can specialize as gatherers such as prospectors, farmers, etc. and will live in resource-themed camps
  • player driven economy
  • crafting by finding and learning recipes
  • story, character and gameplay driven
  • murder isn’t the only way to break the law
  • bandit lifestyle, for instance, provides opportunities for bank robberies, stealing from other players’ camps or in town, etc.
  • no NPC combat, just PvP engagement at the onset
  • survival themes may be borrowed
  • stretch goals will add things like train robberies, etc.
  • slated for a hopeful late 2017 release
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