Players who have been around since 2006 will be thrilled to drop down in nostalgia when they hear that Metin 2, a MMO from 2006, has arrived on Steam by Webzen and Gameforge. The Steam version comes with new cards, badges and profile backgrounds. Players with already-existing Metin 2 accounts will not be abe to link to Steam yet, but it is a feature that is promised to be coming in the future.


  • Experience epic PvE adventures and merciless PvP duels
  • Fight through maps and dungeons against dragons and sinister demon lords
  • Charge into fast-paced battles – even against entire hordes of enemies
  • Become a mighty warrior and increase your character’s level right up to 120


  • Choose from five character classes – Warriors, Ninjas, Shamans, Suras and Lycans
  • Choose your kingdom: Shinsoo, Chunjo or Jinno
  • Found a guild with friends and build on your lands
  • Fight on lightning-fast mounts and tame cool pets
  • Continually improve your weapons and equipment through a selection of crafting systems
  • Take part in regular seasonal and community events

You can find out more by checking out the FAQ.


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