The Neverwinter site has revealed a pair of articles related to The Great Hall which is a forthcoming feature in the Shroud of Souls module. The Great Hall is part of the Strongholds package that is tailored to guilds and is considered to be the “heart” of the guild’s home.

Players can have a fun time to customize and decorate it in a way that suits the group. The Great Hall is packed with tables, chairs, a huge fireplace, galleries on the upper floors and even a decorator to give out a few tips. Decorative items (tables, chairs, rugs, statues and many others) can be earned through events or even purchased from stores though the greater portion of them will be crafted through Masterwork professions.

There are over 90 locations in the Great Hall you can decorate and several pieces of furniture or decorations for each type of location. In forthcoming releases we’ll continue to expand the selection and introduce new and unusual decorations.


You can checkout how the Great Hall was designed by checking out this article.Check out more on the Neverwinter site.

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