A recent post on the official website explains about how Geomancy is the idea that a crafter can use rare materials to create 1×1 land parcels. Only precious wood, stone and ore can be used to create these parcels. These items can be combined to create larger plots of land such as farmland, village, shire, hamlet and so on.

The goal is to give players an in-game option to obtain parcels via harvesting and crafting (or trading with other players); however, it should be noted that parcels can only be created using named resources(not the slag, knotwood and cobblestone commonly found in the EK). This means that to be an effective or profitable geomancer, players will need to face the dangers of the Campaign Worlds or trade with others who are willing to do so on their behalf.

Architecture can also be used to create deeds for buildings, though again only through the use of precious and named resources. Buildings, crafting stations, city walls, gates, and decorations can be made to name a few. Players looking to find out what else is in each skill tree can check out the Stonemasonry skill.

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