WildStar: PTR updated to V1.7.1

The WildStar PTR has been updated with v1.7.1!. This gives players a bunch of new content on board for testing. The updated PTR also comes with PvE leaderboards, expanded Prime content, the shared realm bank and new stuff at Madame Fay’s. It has been said that the next PTR update will bring the first Prime Raid, but at a later date.

The 1.7.1 game update also brings with it an expansion of the existing Leaderboards feature to now track top PvE performance. You’ll be able to see how you measure up against other solo players or groups in Prime Expeditions, or how your group compares to others running Prime Dungeons. You can view completion times, medals, and group members for each instance, as well as browse individual Prime tiers to check out the competition at any level. See how you stack up against your peers for top bragging rights!

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