Bitbox recently announced that the third test run of the first CBT (closed beta test) wave for Life is Feudal MMO is to start this week and will last for approximately a week, ”possibly” two:

We are starting the Third Test Run of the MMO CBT Wave #1 next week – remember you and your friends can dive into the vast medieval world, explore the lands and perhaps even check out potential real estate early with the Believer Packages.

It is uncertain at this point if this test run will see the end of CBT  Wave #1, however as announced in 2016, the end of Beta Wave #1 is expected to bring a ‘wipe’ and Beta Wave #2 phase of development will allow players that have Life is Feudal: Your Own in their Steam library as well as players that have  purchased supporter packs to get access to the MMO.

For more information visit the site here.